iBuild Business Unit
[Engineering and Construction]

Focusing on design, engineering, and construction of Data Centers and Call Centers. The Engineering & Construction Unit provides the backbone of your IT systems and the environment to maximize efficiency and maintain reliability.

Data Center Build Out

IT is an important aspect of most organizations these days. With an ever increasing reliance on information systems to run a company's operations, business continuity becomes a major concern for these organizations. With MFL's Data Center Build Out, we can provide a reliable infrastructure for IT operations, minimizing any chance of a disruption to your business operations.

Typical Specs of Data Center Build Out:

  • Design and installation of wireless or wired copper and fiber optic cables for data.
  • Voice & Video Communications
  • Precision Air-conditioning
  • Raised Flooring
  • Generator Set
  • Fire Suppression
  • Water Leak Detection
  • IP PABX Systems
  • IP DC Surveillance
  • Systems Integration

Comprehensive Data Center Maintenance

A "repair or replace" and round-the-clock service to keep your data center environment in good working condition. This covers Precision Air-conditioning/Comfort Cooling Airconditioning; Fire Suppression System; Generator Set; Electrical System; UPS; Access Control; Raised Flooring; Water Leak Detection; Cabling System; Cable Containment; and Electro-Civil-Mechanical Facilities.

Call Center Infrastructure

Clear, quick, and reliable. Three traits a call center must have to ensure agents are able to listen to customers clearly while giving support or answers concisely; lessening or eliminating the waiting time for a customer to get hold of an agent; guaranteeing that calls are never dropped and information exchanged is easily retrieved for future use. MFL will design the call center with those three qualities in mind, using the best technology that suits your needs.

Ergonomic Office Design

Designing office spaces for maximum efficiency and comfort. Ergonomic office designs make it easier for the worker to do various tasks while sitting down or standing up by limiting the required range of motion needed to get work done.

Technocentric Office Design

Putting technology at the forefront of the office space, techno centric office designs desegregates the workplace through networking. Making vital resources available with a simple click is essential to maintaining high efficiency in the workplace while keeping the work environment clutter-free. By strategically placing computers, equipment, phones, etc., and creating an almost wireless environment, vital resources are brought to the user for a more convenient and efficient office.

High Skill Outsourcing Services

Your needs for onsite IT personnel vary from regular technicians to highly specialized personnel you can entrust to perform and support your internal IT operations. MFL makes sure that the IT personnel you receive reach your qualifications and can be trusted to get the job done.

Building Management Solutions (BMS)

Delta Controls

Deltra Controls fully integrated BACnet system of controllers includes HVAC, Lighting and Access. The entire system can be controlled from a single seat workstation or any remote site with Web access.


DOW-340: ORCAview

ORCAview is Delta Controls' Operator Workstation (OWS). It combines both simple to use front-end graphics with powerful, real-time system tools. ORCAview communicates using both standard BACnet network services and Delta Controls INTELLI-sys protocols. This facilitates interfacing with third-party BACnet products as well as Delta Controls legacy products. With its built-in BACnet IP capability, ORCAview can communicate on wide area networks (WAN), local area networks (LAN) and using its PTP protocol, ORCAview can connect to any DSC model controller over an EIA-232 connection directly or through a modem for remote access.


  • Automatic Discovery of Delta Controls or third-Party BACnet Devices
  • Context Sensitive Help
  • Filterable Real-Time Data View
  • GCL+
  • Live Data
  • Live Program Modification
  • Color Coded Syntax
  • Program Trace Elements
  • Syntax-specific Help
  • Command from GCL+
  • Custom View Folders
  • Device Object Renaming
  • Dynamic System Graphics
  • Multi-Trend Viewer
  • Drag and Drop Technology
  • Bitmap Graphics
  • WAV Files
  • Multiple Languages
  • Event Scheduling
  • Card Access Management
  • Event (Alarm) Handling


  • Navigator Viewer
  • Toolbar
  • Illustrator
DWS-340: ORCAweb

ORCAweb is a web-based front-end for use by both facility staff and tenants. It is a web server that connects to both the building automation network and to the facility LAN. ORCAweb is based on client-server architecture and has no limits on the number of simultaneous users. You can view graphics, device architecture, object properties, or tenant portal pages based on your specific access privileges. ORCAweb has several functions that make it ideally suited for use in a large facility with many tenants who are connected to the facility LAN. The tenant portal pages allow each tenant to view a customizable web page that displays the status of the mechanical and lighting systems that serve their office area. The Virtual Stat® is a simple application that resides on the Windows Tray, allowing the tenant to display their current space temperature. ORCAweb also has a Navigator view that displays the current system architecture and allows the operator to manipulate properties of individual objects.


  • Real-Time Navigation
  • Auto Listing of BACnet Devices
  • User/Group Security Access
  • Object Editing
  • Event (Alarm) Handling
  • Event (Alarm) Notifications Email
  • Event Scheduling


  • Navigator
  • Graphics
  • Tenant Portal
  • Virtual Stat®
  • Topology Diagram
  • Network Architecture
DHS-340: Historian

Historian is an ORCAview or ORCAweb add-on, or a stand-alone application, which allows Trend Log and alarm data to be permanently archived in a standard SQL database. Thousands of trend logs can be stored in a single Historian server simply by right-clicking a Trend Log and selecting Add to Historian.

Intelligent scheduling algorithms automatically determine the safest and most efficient intervals to archive data. Data can be backed up and stored permanently using standard database tools.

ODBC Drivers for HVAC - BACnet System Control

The Delta Controls ODBC Driver allows third-party applications (Enterprise Applications) to interact with any Delta Controllers or BACnet controllers. Enterprise Applications can consist of off-the-shelf programs such as Crystal Reports, Microsoft Access, Microsoft Excel or any other ODBC compliant application.

Access Controls

The Delta Controls Access Control System is an access management system that integrates seamlessly with existing Delta Controls installations including HVAC and Lighting Controllers. Similar to other Delta Controls products, the Access Control System is native BACnet, giving the building owner the flexibility of interoperability with other BACnet products in their facility. Delta Controls offers a cost-effective access control solution that can easily be added to existing HVAC installations, without the need for additional software, hardware, or networking infrastructure.

ASM-24E: Access System Manager

The Delta ASM-24E is a fully programmable, Native BACnet™ Building Controller that communicates on a BACnet MS/TP RS-485 LAN or BACnet over Ethernet. It is an intelligent controller specifically designed for access control applications. This controller provides access control capabilities through a network of door modules which act as extended I/O to the Access System Manager.


The ASM-24E is designed for access control of multiple doors. Up to twelve 2-Door Modules (ADM -2W704) may beconnected to an Access System Manager via LINKnet. The Access System Manager can hold a maximum of 10000 cardholders and events. The ASM-24E provides easy to configure alarms for system monitoring and annunciation of card-access events and alarms.

Programming the access control system is easy and intuitive because the programming is object oriented. Standard I/O and objects are created automatically and can be modified. GCL+ can be used for advanced custom programming and integration.


  • BACnet MS/TP and BACnet PTP protocols
  • Database backup via non-volatile Flash memory
  • Fully programmable in GCL+
  • Easy-to-mount housing
  • Application database can be loaded over the network
  • Controller firmware can be flash loaded over the network
  • Derived Network Addressing (DNA) for simple integration into a standard network architecture
  • Operation of the card access system is completely contained in the controller, no PC required for operation
  • Can be powered from a 12VDC battery in the event of a power failure
ADM-2W704: Access 2-Door Module

The ADM-2W704 is an intelligent device used for access control of two single-direction doors, or one bi-directional door. When connected to an Access System Manager (ASM) on the Delta LINKnet network, it provides remote, fully programmable, door access control and expanded I/O capabilities.


The ADM-2W704 is designed for access control of 2 single direction doors or 1 bi-directional door. Up to twelve door modules may be connected to an Access System Manager (ASM-24E) via LINKnet. The ADM-2W704 is equipped with a built-in battery charging circuit to provide optional battery backup for the Controller, all of its peripheral equipment (i.e. CardReaders, Door strikes, and Maglocks) and the Access System Manager when the AC power fails. All external inputs can be monitored for wiring status using EOL devices (Types 1, 2, 3, 4), which give trouble indication as well as normal and alarm conditions.


  • Controls two single-direction doors or one bi-directional door
  • 2 Weigand input ports per board
  • Can operate under a degraded mode of operation in the event of communication failures
  • Communicates on LINKne
  • Configurable Wiegand card format up to 64 bits
  • All external inputs can be monitored to give status of the input wiring using EOL devices (Types 1, 2, 3, 4)
  • Easy-to-mount housing
  • Designed for easy field wiring
  • Equipped with battery charging circuit

HVAC Controls

Delta Controls hardware is Native BACnet, meaning that the database objects in the controller can be seen by other BACnet systems and that data can be exchanged between other BACnet devices without the need for a Gateway (separate piece of hardware that maps data between Communication Protocols). Delta's hardware is easily added to other vendors' BACnet architectures because of the implementation of many of the BACnet standards optional properties and have rendered them writeable. Delta Controls System Managers (DSM), System Controllers (DSC) and Application Controllers (DAC), support peer-to-peer data communication.

System Managers

These devices are used to route network traffic. Delta Controls System Managers do not have I/O on board, but can have the same database as other System Controllers. Features include a Real-Time Clock (RTC), battery back up and an EIA-232 serial port. System Managers are fully programmable.

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System Controllers

Delta Controls System Controllers (DSC) are capable of operating in a stand-alone manner. They have I/O on-board, a Real-Time Clock (RTC), battery back up, an EIA-232 serial port and can support a BACnet MS/TP subnet. System Controllers are fully programmable.

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Application Controllers

These devices are designed to be used in concert with the Delta Controls System Controllers or System Managers. They are fully programmable and may support a BACnet MS/TP subnet. The Application Controllers have a built-in software clock, and flash memory back up.

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Zone Controllers

The DZNT product line is suitable for controlling basic VAV, fan powered, or VVT sequences via its configurable algorithm, with choices for 3-stage digital reheat, tri-state with 2nd stage digital reheat, or analog with 2nd stage digital reheat.

Some advanced features include auto heat/cool changeover, digital time clock or motion sensor input, timed overrides for occupancy handling, and configurable reverse acting reheat stages.

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Network Sensors/Thermostats

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A Delta Controls Network Thermostat is any networkable temperature sensor with I/O built onto it. These products communicate on a BACnet MS/TP network at 76.8 baud. They do not support a BACnet MS/TP or LINKnet subnet.

Network Sensors

These products are networked temperature and humidity sensors without I/O built into them.

Field Modules

The DFM series of products is designed to reside on Delta Controls LINKnet network and provide remote I/O for the SYSTEM or SUBNET Level controllers. They can be connected to a DSC/DAC subnet.

Some Field Modules can be directly connected to a BACnet MS/TP network segment (such as the DFM-200/400). When installed on BACnet MS/TP, they have their own device object and their objects may be read or written to using BACnet services. DFM models with inputs only, will be permitted to reside on the BACnet MS/TP network.

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Smoke Controls

Delta Controls Smoke Controls products are UL864 certified – products that meet the requirements of Smoke Control Sytems, also referred to as Fire-Protectice Signalling Systems, as defined by the following standards: NFPA92A & UL864 (UUKL).